An Easy Way for Companies to Contribute to Sustainability Through Reforestation

Sustainability is simply good business

Sustainability is a primary consideration for companies that want to define — or keep — a competitive advantage in today’s volatile marketplace. Consumers actively seek out companies that support social and environmental initiatives and reward these efforts with loyalty.

That loyalty means more than just an increase in revenue. With the advent of social media, loyal customers can be leveraged as brand ambassadors, helping your company reap big marketing benefits through word-of-mouth impact.

Does sustainability improve climate change trends?

Sustainability paves the way for a healthier planet and a more resilient economy.

Even the smallest changes in your corporate purchase habits can have an enormous impact on sustainability. For example, many companies switch from OEM to remanufactured ink and toner cartridges to save money.

But here is where TonerWise can double your impact.  In addition to:

  1. keeping single use plastics out of landfills,
  2. eliminating the carbon footprint of brand new plastic cartridges manufacturing

TonerWise will also put your company into a CERTIFIED REFORESTATION PROGRAM by planting a tree for every toner you purchase!

Remanufactured Cartridges and Reforestation

When your company chooses to invest in remanufactured cartridges for cost savings, you’re actually investing in our planet as well.

TonerWise plants a tree on your behalf in one of 8 reforestation projects around the world, including:

  • Canada
  • Dominican Republic
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Madagascar
  • Mexico
  • United States

You choose where you want your trees planted!  For each one!

TonerWise reforestation projects provide local work opportunities in poverty-stricken areas

Not only do reforestation projects contribute to the revitalization of native woodlands, they also have a direct impact on local economies. TonerWise partners with local re-forestry projects that provide work opportunities for poverty-stricken areas to provide living wages and improve living conditions for surrounding communities.

Our global forestry partners provide oversight and management of reforestation projects to meet standards that are confirmed and verified by third-party auditors. This attention to organizational requirements ensures the project attains long-term viability.

Let TonerWise Help Your Company Take Steps Toward Sustainability

Our company is built around sustainable practices and we are delighted to be able to help our clients move toward sustainability in a nearly effortless way.

When you partner with TonerWise, you can become a part of our PrintReleaf family, bringing seamless sustainability to your company and helping to protect our beautiful planet.

First, you’ll get high-quality cartridges that are sourced from North America for crisp, clean output at a price that’s kind to your budget. Then, you choose which countries you would like to have your trees planted.  A 3rd party verified certificate of your own company’s reforestation efforts is available at any time.

As a company that put environmental practices first, we love helping other businesses discover innovative new ways to be sustainable while keeping productivity high and costs low.

Start your sustainability campaign today with automatic participation in a reforestation project every time you buy a toner from TonerWise. Contact Tonerwise today to learn more about how a simple purchase can benefit your business — and the planet.