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An Insider’s Peek at the Cartridge Remanufacturing Process

An Insider’s Peek at the Cartridge Remanufacturing Process

With the world moving toward greener processes in every area from lifestyle to energy production, sustainable business strategies are at the forefront of savvy business practices for today’s competitive organizations.

Trends in environmentally-sound practices from global production systems to emphasis on a circular economy are making headlines — and headway — into the sustainability arsenals of businesses across all industries.

One of those focuses — circular economies — is one of the most accessible ways for modern businesses to move towards a strong corporate responsibility platform that features sustainable practices.

Circular economies focus on removing single-use products from the workstream and leveraging the power of reuse and recycling to limit waste and conserve non-renewable resources.

With consumers focusing more intently on organizations that incorporate sustainability into their business landscape, it’s even more important than ever for companies to consider adding green initiatives to support their day-to-day tasks.

One of the best ways to incorporate sustainability into your workspace is by replacing expensive OEM toner cartridges with their remanufactured counterparts.

To fully comprehend the positive environmental impact of remanufactured cartridges, it’s necessary to understand the cartridge lifecycle in conjunction with the process of cartridge remanufacturing.

The Cartridge Remanufacturing Process

Most offices, whether large or small, have at least one print device that must be supplied with ink and toner on a regular basis. Every 11 seconds, one of those cartridges ends up in a landfill.

Over a year’s time, that adds up to more than 375 million cartridges emitting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other toxic wastes in our already overcrowded landfills.

Fortunately, remanufacturing cartridges short circuits this devastating cycle and adds new life — and value — to what was once a single-use item, hence contributing to the production of a circular economy.

Simple Steps to Cartridge Remanufacturing

Here’s how the remanufacturing process works:

First, brand-name OEM cartridges are sent to a CES processing center by businesses after the cartridges have completed their useful life. At the center, components are cleaned and repaired so that as many of them as possible are fully reclaimed for the remanufacturing process.

Those parts that can’t be reused are recycled through an end-of-life processing system that helps leverage the recycling process to create energy rather than more waste.

Meanwhile, the fully refurbished cartridge is then filled with high-quality ink or toner and moved into the next stage of the process — quality control.

At the quality control stage, an independent testing laboratory ensures that high levels of reliability and performance are achieved across the board.

Only after rigorous testing are remanufactured cartridges distributed to end users for use in businesses across the globe.

Big Benefits from the Remanufacturing Process

Purchasing remanufactured cartridges allows your business to participate in reducing the negative consequences of cartridge creation and waste on the health of our planet, including:

  • Ensuring cartridges use 79% less materials
  • Consuming 44% fewer natural resources
  • Contributing to a 51% smaller environmental impact
  • Using 48% less energy during the manufacturing process

Not only do these factors have a direct impact on the Earth, they also impact your organization’s sustainability quotient — a good measure of your overall sustainability performance.

Becoming a greener company can increase your competitive edge in today’s aggressive marketplace, fostering consumer trust and giving you the ability to respond with more agility as market trends fluctuate.

Take Your Sustainability to the Next Level the Easy Way with TonerWise Remanufactured Cartridges

We understand the critical importance of reducing the burden of pollution and waste on our planet. That’s why we’ve sourced the highest quality remanufactured cartridges to help our clients build their sustainability profile while simultaneously benefitting from superior quality.

TonerWise is committed to bringing the very best, and most sustainable, ink and toner options to your organization through our third-party certified, North American-sourced collection of remanufactured cartridges.

We have a green cartridge option for all major printer brands that will work flawlessly — and sustainably — with your current device, without voiding warranties and without the threat of patent infringement that clones and compatible cartridges often come with.

Make the smart and easy choice to move toward sustainability today. Contact Tonerwise and discover how switching to remanufactured toner cartridges can help your business be greener, leaner, and more competitive.