Help Your Government Agency Stay Protected from Cyberattacks

How a Third-Party Partner Can Help Your Government Agency Stay Protected from Cyberattacks As if the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic were not enough, a looming “cyber pandemic” could completely crash everything. If that happens on a wide scale, it could literally put lives at risk. Given the urgency, the time is time now to implement cybersecurity…

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Control home print costs

Using Remote Monitoring Software to Gain Control of Your Print Costs

  How Can Remote Monitoring Software Help You Control Print Costs? It’s 2021 and businesses across all industries are still reeling from the disruption induced by the coronavirus pandemic. Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), in particular, are finding it difficult to reach their pre-COVID revenue. In fact, over half of them do not expect they…

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Easy way to handle remote printing

Use Segmentation Strategies to Keep Your Hybrid Work Environment Safer

Using Segmentation Strategies to Protect Remote Workers Experts agree — even long-range predictions show that our post-pandemic work environment will remain more remote than before the pandemic. Today, many companies are offering a hybrid environment that involves both work from home (WFH) staff, in-house staff, and those that move between locations. In creating this hybrid…

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Office printer

Print Strategies to Help Your Work-from-Home Staff Excel

How to Amplify Results for Your Work-from-Home Workforce Remote work is here to stay — and work-from-home (WFH) staff are happy about it. In fact, nearly 98% of those polled said they would like to remain working remotely, at least for some portion of the time, for the rest of their careers. And, while most…

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Remote employee printer

Planning a Hybrid Office with Smart Print Strategies

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, more companies are turning to a hybrid office environment to keep abreast of changing consumer demands, reduce exposure of employees and customers to potential illness, and reduce costs while keeping productivity high. And the idea is catching on. Remote workers are up to 40% more productive — and…

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Viewing and categorizing business receipts

Tools SMBs Can Use for Digital Transformation

Tools SMBs Can Use for Digital Transformation After the recent economic downturn spurred by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, positivity is soaring as CEOs around the globe are expecting a return to robust economic growth in the next two years. The reason for their confidence? A move by businesses to digital transformation, the increasing adoption of…

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Lady at Computer

Designing a Plan for Managing Documents

Designing a Plan for Managing Documents Whether businesses want to eliminate paper documents out of concern for the environment or they want to gain the significant benefits associated with a digital transformation, today’s savvy organizations are moving in a digital direction. In order to gain control over unwieldy paper documents and create a system that…

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Print Supplies Automation

How to Excel at Mixed Printer Fleet Management

Even with the push toward digital transformation, a majority of companies still rely on outdated, legacy IT systems — including a mish-mash of printers that they have collected over time. When multiple types, makes, and models of printers or multifunction devices are deployed in one setting problems related to incompatibility can occur — even if…

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print from home

Create a Productive Work Environment Using Technology and Tools that Support a Hybrid Office

The coronavirus pandemic may be winding down, but workers are not likely to resume a nine-to-five office-based existence any time soon. With over half of employees showing a preference for a three-day in-the-office work week — and the other two days from home — more companies are continuing to embrace the hybrid work environment. A…

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Recycling sign on the grass

Develop Your Corporate Sustainability Program with Simple Green Initiatives

Can green initiatives be worse for the environment?  Greenwashing is a risk. Many businesses are seeing the value in pursuing a program of corporate responsibility based on green initiatives. However, with consumers showing increased interest in companies that support environmental causes, many businesses are engaged in “greenwashing” — that is, promoting themselves as a green…

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