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Develop Your Corporate Sustainability Program with Simple Green Initiatives

Can green initiatives be worse for the environment?  Greenwashing is a risk.

Many businesses are seeing the value in pursuing a program of corporate responsibility based on green initiatives.

However, with consumers showing increased interest in companies that support environmental causes, many businesses are engaged in “greenwashing” — that is, promoting themselves as a green company without actually implementing green practices in their day-to-day operations.  This can even include the products you are buying – as many cheap “compatible” cartridges are actually newly built in overseas factories.  So despite their clever green-sounding company names and product names, we’ll arm you with knowledge to make sound environmental decisions.

Armed with knowledge, companies can do the right thing.

Choosing which ink and toner cartridges to buy can make a major difference.  We’ve all heard “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” at some point in our life.  At TonerWise, we can help you do all 3.

Reduce and Reuse

TonerWise reuses print cartridges, and remanufactures them with new components and top quality toner.  When you reuse a printer cartridge, you reduce the volume of plastic and carbon involved in the manufacturing of new cartridges.  You also reduce the volume of single-use plastics heading into landfills.

OEM and “compatible” cartridges are the opposite.  Purchasing these products increase petroleum plastic consumption for new cartridge manufacturing, and the potential for plastic waste to end up in a landfill or an ocean.

Both OEM and so-called “compatible” cartridges are newly built – meaning new petroleum plastics and CO2 are generated in their manufacturing.  While OEM cartridges can be re-used as remanufactured cartridges (like ours), sadly most “Compatible” cartridges can only be used once due to inferior plastic content.  So they end up as single-use plastic waste streams heading into our landfills.

Ink and toner cartridges are clogging landfills at a rate of 350 million per year and they take up to 1000 years to decompose.  At 3.5 pounds per cartridge, that’s nearly 1 BILLION pounds per year.

Buying re-manufactured toner and recycling those will keep the true reduce/reuse cycle alive – diverting millions of pounds of plastics from landfills every year and allowing smart purchasers (like you!) to save money and do the right thing for a planet positive impact.

Recycling is good, but not perfect.  Choose the right product first.

We believe strongly in recycling.  But reduce and reuse has to be a far bigger part of our environmental toolkit.  You wouldn’t recycle a used car when another person could benefit from it’s ownership and would pay for its use.  That would be wasteful.

Recycling is the process we use to procure used cartridges for remanufacture.  Reuse of current cartridges helps reduce landfill waste, conserve natural resources by reducing our need for petroleum, and helps prevent leaching of toxic waste into our groundwater decomposition of ink and toner cartridges in landfill .

TonerWise has free recycling programs to help you recycle cartridges effortlessly, making it a simple process that fits easily into your standard workday.

Buy Planet Positive printer supplies – Buy Remanufactured Printer Cartridges

Investing in eco-friendly office supplies is the perfect way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and make a difference, starting with purchasing remanufactured ink and toner purchases.  Make them count!

Cost savings of over 30% are just one benefit of switching from OEM to remanufactured toner and ink cartridges for your office printers. Remanufactured cartridges are OEM cartridges that have been recycled, refurbished, and refilled with high quality inks and toners.

They have half the environmental impact of OEM cartridges and result in reduced printing costs of up to 30%.

And, since they supply the same — or better — performance as brand-new cartridges, they represent an effortless, benefit-rich way to go green.

Other eco-friendly ideas for your office, department or classroom

Conserving energy is another great way to green up your workplace. Here are some quick-and-easy ways to get started:

  • Turn off lights in unused spaces and at night
  • Lower the thermostat in the winter, raise it in summer
  • Replace outdated equipment with newer, Energy-Star rated products
  • Move your IT to the cloud to reduce the need to cool in-house data centers
  • Employ power-management settings on devices
  • Consider managed print practices to optimize printer fleet and usage

Remanufactured cartridges are energy-saving, too. It takes 48% less energy to create a remanufactured cartridge than a brand-new one.

TonerWise Can Help You Get on Your Way to a Greener Future

At TonerWise, we are committed to green initiatives in our own business. In fact, we’re so serious that we’ve begun the process to become a B-corp business. B-corps are those that meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance.

While you might not be ready for B-corp status, your business can very easily move toward a more sustainable future by implementing a few, simple everyday changes in your business processes, like purchasing remanufactured toner or committing to recycling your old cartridges.

We offer participation in free recycling programs and a wide selection of high-quality remanufactured toner and ink cartridges to help our clients go greener.

Contact Tonerwise today to learn how easy it is to get started implementing toner recycling and reducing your printing costs with remanufactured cartridges.