Create a Productive Work Environment Using Technology and Tools that Support a Hybrid Office

The coronavirus pandemic may be winding down, but workers are not likely to resume a nine-to-five office-based existence any time soon. With over half of employees showing a preference for a three-day in-the-office work week — and the other two days from home — more companies are continuing to embrace the hybrid work environment.

A hybrid workspace is the best of both worlds. It allows employees to work from home some days but return to the office when policy — or needs — dictate.

In order to support this scenario, businesses must focus on procuring the right technology and tools to help their employees stay productive, regardless of geographic location.

Designing the High-Functioning Hybrid Work Environment

In the past, employers focused on configuring office space to encourage maximum productivity, using equipment and technology to assist workers in faster, more accurate completion of daily tasks. Today’s workforce is increasingly scattered, eschewing the long commute and the communal office for working from home offices, at least part of the time.

To keep your remote staff productive and make it easier for them to collaborate, communicate, and thrive, consider adding these ideas to your arsenal.

1. Gather Office Supplies

For professionals who split their time between home and a work office, it can be difficult to keep two disparate spaces organized correctly. Having the right supplies at your fingertips is important to keeping productivity high and frustration to a minimum.

Many workers like to duplicate their traditional office space in their home environment to enhance productivity and simplify the need for carting supplies to and from various locations. At a minimum, employees should have a desk and chair, PC or laptop, a good power supply, a router, and an office printer or multifunction device.

In addition, they will need typical office supplies such as staplers, binders, folders, pens, markers, paper, and ink and toner for their printer.

2. Provide Access to Printers and Other Equipment

As mentioned above, employees need typical tech tools such as laptops, PCs, printers, and more whether they are working from home or from the office. In fact, many companies are seeing an upsurge in Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offerings that provide a kind of “office in a box” to companies to ensure each remote worker has the appropriate equipment to be productive in their home office.

3. Ensure Connectivity Between Office Spaces

For employees to use their technology and tools both at home and in their traditional office space, there must be proper connectivity. Cloud-based technology helps connect remote teams, expand on-demand applications, and provide updated security and protection for data as it flows among team members.

Cloud print services provide a cost-effective, scalable way to enable a hybrid print infrastructure and provide enhanced flexibility and security. With support for virtual environments, a cloud-based connection will reduce the IT burden on your organization while allowing your employees access to enhanced functionality — no matter where they are working.

Let TonerWise Supply Your Hybrid Office with the Right Tools for the Job

At TonerWise, we understand that creating a successful hybrid work environment begins with the essentials. And the office printer or multifunction device is still the centerpiece of today’s productive offices — no matter where that office is located.

To help you — and your employees — streamline workflows and processes between work environments, we offer a fully automated printing supplies management program that will deliver the appropriate ink or toner directly to your door — or the door of your employee’s home office.

This free delivery service ensures your employees are never out of toner regardless of their location, so their work routine remains uninterrupted. Plus, our automated platform means you don’t have to burden administrative staff or employees with inventory management or submission of request forms. Your ink and toner supplies simply arrive exactly when they are needed.

Finally, we provide remote printer monitoring software that gives you a complete overview of your company’s entire print infrastructure — including remote offices — so you can accurately predict print spend and determine the proper maintenance and service schedule for devices.

Keep your hybrid work environment functioning at a high level. Contact Tonerwise today and learn how our combination of high-quality printer supplies and printer support technologies can help you create a productive hybrid workspace.