TonerWise is pleased to introduce an additional benefit for high volume purchasers.

For every 100 toners purchased, we will plant 100 native trees in projects located around the world.

1 mature tree can sequester up to 22 lbs of carbon per year.

This means 100 trees pull 1 TON OF CARBON out of the atmosphere per year.  

Seems incredible!  But it's true and measured by international standards.  Additionally, this gift of reforestation transforms local/tribal economies, and increases area biodiversity.

Certificate of Plantings 

We'll send you a verified, third party certified document detailing your contribution to increasing the world's natural lung capacity.

Include your certificate of Reforestation in your annual report, in the Sustainability pages of your website, or simply post to your social media channels.  Spread the word of your good deeds!

Offer Details

This offer includes both TonerWise brand, and non-TonerWise ink and toner cartridges.

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