Planning a Hybrid Office with Smart Print Strategies

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, more companies are turning to a hybrid office environment to keep abreast of changing consumer demands, reduce exposure of employees and customers to potential illness, and reduce costs while keeping productivity high.

And the idea is catching on. Remote workers are up to 40% more productive — and also happier — than their colleagues that work in a centralized office environment and employers are reaping the benefits of this increased workforce satisfaction. That being said, many companies — particularly small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) struggle with coordinating the many aspects of planning a hybrid office that is functional and effective.

Since the office printer remains central to employee productivity, whether they are working from home or from a cubicle at your headquarters, it is a critical piece of the productivity puzzle when it comes to effective remote work teams.

Focusing on Printing in the Hybrid Work Environment

While companies aren’t fully abandoning their on-premises offices, they are expanding their ability to be more agile, flexible — and profitable — by adding a remote work element to their workforce. To ensure this new brand of employee — the remote worker — is at least as productive as their in-office counterpart, it is crucial to provide access to fully functioning office equipment such as printers or multifunction devices.

Here are three smart things to keep in mind when planning your hybrid office environment for maximum efficiency:

  1. Managing Remote Printing the Smart Way

With an emphasis on virtualized connectivity and communications that is the hallmark of a hybrid office space, smart business owners are turning to remote print management software to gain visibility into print usage and costs. In addition to this insight, remote print management tools ensure that the print devices serving your remote staff are maintained on a regular basis to eliminate costly downtime and reduce staff frustration.

Another benefit? Remote monitoring can also help automate supply replenishment, which can bring two-fold benefits. First, your remote staff will have access to the right supplies for their printer, delivered exactly when they are needed. Not only does this eliminate the need for tedious requisitioning and potential loss of use when supplies run out, but it also eradicates the requirement for storage of excess supplies in your employees’ home office spaces.

  1. Focusing on Cost Effective Printing

Printing is an often overlooked cost that can contribute to the viability of your business’ bottom line. Not only can you gain insight through remote monitoring of your print environment, from in-house printers to those used by remote staff, but you can also reap the benefits of lower cost supplies using high-quality remanufactured ink and toner cartridges.

Planning a hybrid office environment typically means combining two environments — your in-house print environment and your remote work environment. Because most remote workers are using stand-alone devices, this can increase your need for ink and toner. However, by opting for remanufactured ink and toner cartridges that are certified, you will be assured of the same or better quality and page yield as OEM cartridges — without the onerous price tag.

  1. Staying Competitive Through Sustainability

Finally, today’s consumers are calling for businesses to be more responsible when it comes to the stewardship of our environment and our planet’s natural resources. Using remanufactured print cartridges as part of your hybrid office print strategy gives you a competitive advantage by allowing you to contribute to a lowered carbon footprint, less waste, and increased energy savings.

Planning a Hybrid Office? Tonerwise Has the Tools You Need

At Tonerwise, we have curated a selection of high quality, low-cost technologies that can help you outfit your remote staff with the tools they need to get their jobs done effectively, efficiently, and with minimal disruption. Our remote printer-monitoring software provides visibility into the cost of printing, and peace of mind knowing that your staff always has the supplies they need, when they need them. As a bonus, this software further ensures your printers benefit from reliable maintenance and service to minimize downtime and boost productivity.

Finally, we provide printer ink and toner supplies that are environmentally responsible with significantly lower costs, and are certified to provide the high-quality performance your business demands.

Plan your hybrid office with ease. Contact Tonerwise and discover how our remote printer-monitoring software and remanufactured ink and toner cartridges can be the perfect tools to support your remote staff.