Print Strategies to Help Your Work-from-Home Staff Excel

How to Amplify Results for Your Work-from-Home Workforce

Remote work is here to stay — and work-from-home (WFH) staff are happy about it. In fact, nearly 98% of those polled said they would like to remain working remotely, at least for some portion of the time, for the rest of their careers. And, while most employees indicated that their company’s transition to a remote workforce was smooth, the thing that changed most was how they collaborated and communicated with one another.

At the center of most office spaces, whether they are home-based or centralized, is the multifunction device or office printer. Ensuring that WFH staff have access to a high performing, functional printer is crucial to keeping communication and collaboration flowing and productivity high. That’s why it is important to develop strategies aimed at keeping this critical piece of office technology working properly.

Print Strategies to Assist Work-from-Home Staff

Smart print strategies are essential to ensure your remote workplace is set up for the kind of amplified productivity that a work-from-home environment can deliver. Here are three ways your company can harness the power of print for your WFH staff.

  1. Ensure Your Staff Has Enterprise-Level Devices

There is a big difference between a printer that is sold for at-home use and one that is made for an office environment. To bridge the gap between home offices and offices used by WFH staff, many print vendors are creating new print devices that are targeted to meet business objectives while ensuring a higher level of security and performance.

These devices are more durable, reliable, and advanced than direct-to-consumer models, so they make a perfect addition to an effective, efficient work-from-home office.

  1. Consider MFPs Over Printers

For many remote workers, having access to a printer is only a partial solution to their communication and collaboration needs. To be fully functional, many WFH staff also require the use of a copier, a fax machine, and even a scanner. Fortunately, a multifunction printer (MFP) can be the perfect solution to these issues for remote workers.

An MFP provides all the functionality of a copier, scanner, and fax in a small footprint that works well in the more restricted space of a home office. Besides their smaller profile, many of today’s models are equipped with increased security, cloud functionality, and meet strict environmental standards.

  1. Complete the Package with Service and Support

If you want your WFH staff to work at maximum productivity levels, they will not only need access to the right office equipment, but they will also need the right level of support and services. To this end, many print supplies and service vendors are focusing on the direct needs of remote work staff.

Using print monitoring software, many vendors can ensure that machines are maintained at appropriate intervals to ensure maximum uptime and reduce the potential need for service calls. If service is needed, much can be done remotely, without the need for in-person assistance. Another important feature of remote print monitoring is the ability to automate supply delivery so remote machines have the right ink and toner they need available exactly when it is needed — without employees having to requisition or store replacement supplies.

Trust Tonerwise to Help You Map the Right Strategy for WFH Success

Our team at TonerWise keeps a finger on the pulse of changes in the print and imaging industry so we can quickly adopt — and adapt to — trends that directly impact our customers’ bottom lines.

To keep your work-from-home staff operating at peak efficiency, we offer innovative remote print monitoring software that can help you gain visibility into your print usage while ensuring your remote teams have equipment that meets their needs and functions as it should. Not only can we help you maintain your print devices in perfect working order, but we can ensure your supplies are automatically ordered and fulfilled exactly when they are needed. Your remote staff won’t have to fiddle with requisition forms or tracking and they won’t have to sacrifice valuable space in their home office to stockpile ink and toner.

Ensure your remote team has access to the office equipment and supplies they need to be productive. Contact Tonerwise today and implement print strategies that can elevate efficiency and reduce frustration.