How to Excel at Mixed Printer Fleet Management

Even with the push toward digital transformation, a majority of companies still rely on outdated, legacy IT systems — including a mish-mash of printers that they have collected over time.

When multiple types, makes, and models of printers or multifunction devices are deployed in one setting problems related to incompatibility can occur — even if the devices are all from the same manufacturer. Multiple print drivers installed on a PC can interfere with proper output, particularly when used in a pull-printing or secure printing scenario.

To circumvent these issues and keep your office environment running more smoothly, consider opting for a printer fleet management plan.

Why You Need a Printer Fleet Management Plan

A printer fleet management plan does more than just keep your machines running. It also:

  • Controls printing waste
  • Reduces money spent on supplies and services
  • Ensures faster, easier printing for end users
  • Secures printers and data
  • Helps your company make better decisions on printing equipment

Managed print services (MPS) like these are particularly useful for companies with mixed printer fleets, as they provide visibility into recurring issues, pinpoint vulnerabilities, and help decision-makers create clear, cost-effective strategies to optimize your fleet over time.

Print Management Does Not Have to Be Complicated

Managing a printer fleet of disparate machines can often be frustrating, costly, and burdensome to administrative or IT staff. But through the assistance of automated and remote monitoring technology, managing a mixed fleet of printers can be practically effortless.

In a nutshell, your provider will install a data collection agent (DCA) on your server or network that will automatically monitor your entire printer fleet. For security purposes, the DCA will encrypt data and transmit it to a secure web server, keeping data safe from theft and loss — an important factor in today’s era of exploding cybercriminal activity. In fact, cyberattacks are considered one of the top five business risks of 2020 and cyberattacks are expected to double by 2025.

Once your data reaches the secure MPS server, real-time data regarding the breadth — and health — of your printer fleet is collected and analyzed to provide you with up-to-date information and reporting. Decision-makers can review this information to get a grasp on system weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and usage patterns to make informed decisions about how to better optimize overall fleet performance.

Additionally, using remote printer monitoring software will provide alerts when ink and toner needs replacing and send automated requests for supply replenishment, ensuring you have the right supplies on hand when they are needed without having to spend real estate dollars housing them on-site.

A robust print management system will also alert you when your printer fleet needs maintenance and service to prevent episodes of costly downtime and ensure productivity in your organization stays high.

Trust TonerWise for Leading-Edge Remote Print Management

At TonerWise, we understand the challenges faced by many businesses today as they struggle to keep up with constantly changing technologies in the midst of an economic downturn. That is why many companies must continue — at least for the time being — to hold on to printer fleets that may have many brands, models, and make in the mix.

To make it simpler, efficient, and more cost-effective for our clients facing the challenge of a mixed printer fleet, we have developed remote printer monitoring software that will help you gain visibility into your fleet’s operations — and keep it working smoothly for a higher level of business continuity.

Our software not only ensures your printers are supplied with the right inks and toners when — and where — they are needed, but we also provide maintenance and service alerts so you can keep your devices functional. Reliable printing is critical in most offices and devices that are performing well can help ensure your team’s productivity remains high across the board.

Get cutting edge print management and start optimizing your mixed printer fleet. Contact Tonerwise and discover how our printer support technologies can benefit your office today.