Tools SMBs Can Use for Digital Transformation

Tools SMBs Can Use for Digital Transformation

After the recent economic downturn spurred by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, positivity is soaring as CEOs around the globe are expecting a return to robust economic growth in the next two years. The reason for their confidence? A move by businesses to digital transformation, the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), and a push by corporations for a more sustainable future.

In fact, more businesses than ever are prioritizing digital investments and change for their organizations as they concentrate on the opportunities that remote work and other by-products of the past year have brought to light. However, the move to a more digitally centered workplace begins with the adoption of tools that can help businesses transform.

To make you familiar with some of the most popular — and helpful — tools for transformation, we’ve curated some of our favorites, below.

So Many Tools for Digital Transformation — Which Will You Choose?

Last year’s pivot to digital that transformed many small businesses is just the beginning of a long and productive journey. As SMBs move forward, they should consider adding one or more of these essential tools to help them succeed and to continue their transformation to more productivity and profitability.

  1. Pinpoint the Customer Experience

The small business has an advantage when it comes to relationships, since they can deliver a more personal experience to their customers. Tools that assist SMBs in transforming this relationship on a digital level include intuitive online user interfaces such as online chat or even video conferencing. Transformative websites should feature smooth navigation from product selection to purchase and options for contactless pickup or delivery.

  1. Focus on Agility and Resilience

We saw how the workforce changed from an office-based model to a remote work or hybrid workspace model practically overnight in 2020. Transforming the workplace by the very nature of the task demands a high level of flexibility and resilience from employees, managers, and from the company itself. Use tools such as cloud computing, virtualized desktops, and robust connectivity tools to keep staff collaborating and communicating and customers in the loop.

  1. Adopt Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Strategies

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a driver of digital transformation since the beginning of the trend. AI and machine learning (ML) can be used to optimize costs while increasing speed, simplifying complex processes, and reducing errors often found in manual processing of data and tasks.

Document management systems (DMS), managed print services (MPS), and many IT-associated software and applications have inherent AI and ML that can streamline workflows and boost productivity with ease. Even today’s office machines such as printers and copiers are outfitted with AI and ML-enhanced features to help them meet company needs more effectively.

  1. Target Corporate Social Responsibility

Consumers are drawn to businesses that seek to improve their community, their state, their country, or the planet as a whole. Even the next generation of workers are searching for employers that put people and the planet ahead of profit and choose to give back. In this way, sustainable development and corporate responsibility programs are great tools to use alongside your digital goals. Look for ways to conserve resources where you can — turn off lights and turn down thermostats after hours; focus on recycling efforts; and encourage employees to save energy and office supplies such as paper, ink, toner, staples, paper clips, and others when they can.

TonerWise Has a Sustainability Tool for Your Transformation

At TonerWise, we fully understand the current consumer trend toward companies that care about people and the planet. That’s because our business goal is to offer sustainable ink and toner cartridges to businesses who need a high-quality product that doesn’t put a strain on our natural resources — or their bottom line.

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Put the sustainability tool in your digital transformation toolbox. Contact Tonerwise and discover how our remanufactured ink and toner cartridges can be a smart choice for your sustainability program.