Using Remote Monitoring Software to Gain Control of Your Print Costs


How Can Remote Monitoring Software Help You Control Print Costs?

It’s 2021 and businesses across all industries are still reeling from the disruption induced by the coronavirus pandemic. Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), in particular, are finding it difficult to reach their pre-COVID revenue. In fact, over half of them do not expect they will get back to business as usual for a further six months or more.

For that reason — and others — businesses are taking a closer look at their budgets to radically reimagine their strategic budgeting processes for deeper insights that can unlock value and agility. One smart area of focus is one that is traditionally overlooked and often simply ignored: print costs. Fortunately, new technology in the form of remote monitoring software can bring print costs to light, improve functionality and productivity, and make your print environment safer and more secure.

Remote Monitoring Software Can Put Visibility and Cost Control at Your Fingertips

Print visibility is not just about hard costs such as paper, ink, toner, hardware, and software — although these do factor in. It is also about those elusive variable costs such as labor costs to track down supplies, order supplies, and troubleshoot devices. Printer downtime can make an impact as well, elevating staff frustration and bringing productivity to a halt.

To gain needed visibility for an optimized print environment, remote monitoring software acts as an out-of-the-box solution that is automated and simple to use.

  1. Remote Monitoring for Reporting

Reporting data collected from individual employees’ print habits, department print trends, and even divisional trends can help decision-makers get a big picture view of print spend. For example, if your organization is printing 30% of your materials in color, and half of that is being printed on desktop devices, you may have several factors to control. First, you will want to secure desktop devices using two-factor authentication and tracking software to bolster security. Then, you will want to earmark specific ink-friendly printers for color printing. Finally, you will want to educate your staff about the costs of color printing and which materials should be printed in black and white only.

In addition, you can amplify remote work situations and support work from home (WFH) staff by securing their devices, keeping supplies on track, and gaining an understanding of their print habits.

  1. Deeper Insights and Analytics

Print activity analyses can yield many insights to help decision-makers strategize around optimizing print usage and spend. For example, if searching for key words in print job names can help you pinpoint personal print jobs that are being created using company time and materials. Then, you can educate staff on the costs of personal printing and how that effects company viability and bottom line. Once they understand the associated costs, it is easy to get compliance in eliminating the copying of personal materials.

  1. Better Security and Optimal Production

By remotely monitoring printers, your IT team or Managed Services Provider (MSP) has the ability to detect suspicious behavior to help prevent cyberattacks before they get a foothold. In the event of a breach, remote software will alert administrators so you can stop the attack in its tracks.

In addition, you will have the ability to see how each printer is being used and who is using it, allowing you to streamline your fleet by removing disused machines and increase productivity by putting more robust devices in areas where they are needed most.

  1. Automated Supply Replenishment

Finally, remote monitoring keeps track of the health and maintenance needs of your devices so routine tasks are performed on time to increase uptime. Low supply levels are automatically detected, and the correct supplies are sent for each specific printer — where and when they are needed.

Ready to Gain Control of Your Print Costs? Tonerwise Has the Answer

At Tonerwise, we use powerful remote monitoring software that puts visibility and control of your print environment within reach. Once our data collection agent (DCA) is installed on your network or server, all print information for every device connected to your network will be encrypted and transmitted to a secure server.

At the secure server level, our software performs real-time data collection and analysis to provide you with keen insights on printer usage, fleet performance, and more. In addition, you will receive low toner and service needed alerts, among others, to help you keep your fleet running at peak performance.

Plan your hybrid office with ease. Contact Tonerwise and discover how our remote printer-monitoring software and remanufactured ink and toner cartridges can be the perfect tools to support your remote staff.